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Fire Beacon

August 8, 2010

Fire Beacon is one of the best viewpoints in the east Devon countryside, often boasting some of the best heather in the county. Walked it today from Newton Poppleford. A lovely approach through the tiny village of Harpford and the green splendour of Harpford Woods, then a steep climb to the Beacon itself. The Beacon and the surrounding Harpford Common is a local nature reserve, home to the Dartford Warbler and a lot of other interesting birds.

The views today were splendid, good clear view over the east Devon heathlands, Mutters Moor and a great deal of coastline. A good still day, warm and a bit too humid. The woodlands north of Fire Beacon are some of the best in Devon, thankfully now owned by the Woodland Trust.

We went down into the Vale of the Otter at Tipton St John, and then followed that river back down to Newton Poppleford.

Not the longest of Devon walks, but an old favourite, through peaceful countryside, virtually no road walking, lovely green lanes, and a good mixture of heathland and ancient woodland. I recommend it!

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