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A boat trip from Oban

September 21, 2010

On a choppy day at sea, we caught the boat out of Oban to see the seal colony which lives on a rocky islet behind the northern promontory of the island of Kerrera.

Common Seals off Kerrera

A boat trip from Oban is almost obligatory if you wish to behold the finest views of the town. In the past, I have sailed out to Mull, but on calmer days than this. The rough weather must have put off a few passengers, for there were only half a dozen people on this trip. Heading around the north of Kerrera, we caught an even wilder sea, the boat bucking and the spray flying.

But it was worth it. We could see the seals from a distance away. As we got nearer a few tumbled into the waves, but the majority – over fifty – posed for their small but fascinated audience.

They were Common Seals, and the boatman said that September was one of the very best times of the year to see them. Twice we sailed close into their rock, the mammals regarding us with a some interest.

Then back to Oban, with excellent views of Dunollie Castle and McCaig’s Tower. A liner out at sea was unloading its passengers into a constant stream of tiny boats, all breaking the waves as they sailed in and out of the harbour.

Oban is a wonderful town to visit. I have enjoyed many walks and hill climbs while staying nearby. Not just the obvious Munro’s such as Ben Cruachan and Beinn Sgulaird, but the low-level walks: to the Black Lochs of Kilvaree, the old Oban to Connel coaching routes, the summit of Ben Lora, and the old corpse road from Barcaldine to Benderloch.

McCaig's Tower at Oban

But I have always been just as happy strolling Oban’s harbour, watching the boats and ferries go in and out, just sitting on a bench relaxing. Oban on a good day seems a long way back from the rush and noise of 2010.

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  1. Michelle permalink
    March 25, 2014 8:47 am

    Nice photos. I bet you must have enjoyed your trip a lot. Oban is a rich and diverse place. You can see a lot of birds and animals in there and you’ll even get the chance to see whales and dolphins during rib trip oban.

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