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Join the Ramblers

February 3, 2011

Well, why not?

I always find it astonishing that only a small proportion of Britain’s ramblers are members of the Ramblers (or the Ramblers Association to give that worthy organisation its original name). The Ramblers has always punched well above its weight in fighting to preserve access to the countryside and has been at the forefront of access and countryside campaigning for some 75 years.

The very fact that you are able to walk across so much of our countryside is a tribute to the work of Ramblers staff and volunteers. That we have National Parks, waymarked paths, access to mountain, moorland, down, common land and heathland, definitive maps of footpaths and bridleways and much more is down to previous Ramblers campaigns.

Every week Ramblers local groups organise hundreds of rambles all across Britain – free to members; a great way to get exercise and make new friends and learn about the countryside. Some groups do countryside conservation work and lay on a host of social events.

And there is much to do!

Ill thought-out spending cuts by national and local government will undoubtedly threaten YOUR access to the countryside. We have yet to achieve free access to all of Britain’s coastline and woodlands. Country pathways are endangered as they slip to the botton of council spending priorities.

So, if you enjoy walking in the countryside, now is the time to show a bit of solidarity.

Why not join the Ramblers today?

You can join the Ramblers online at their website and also find walks in your area this weekend.

Please don’t take your right to walk in the countryside for granted. It is under massive threat. Let us fight back and ensure that future generations really can enjoy the right to roam.

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