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Don’t lose our public rights of way

February 9, 2011

Any local or national park authority cutting the public rights of way budget is not thinking the issue through.

Our footpaths and bridleways bring immeasurable pleasure and health benefits to users and billions of pounds into the wider economies.

To cut funding is dreadful short term thinking. Many of the paths we take for granted will probably be lost for ever. Others will cost a fortune to bring back into use at some future time.

One thing is clear: Cameron’s much vaunted (though widely and properly ridiculed) “Big Society” is not the answer.

It is simply not possible to replace dedicated council staff and funding with volunteers.  

So please DO lobby your local authorities to keep up their rights of way budget. Google the websites of the Ramblers and the Open Spaces Society for ways you can help.

We have made a great crusade against the stupid idea of selling our state forests. Let us do the same for our Public Rights of Way.

If you enjoy a walk in our beautiful British countryside, then we need your help.

Fight for your freedom to walk in the British landscape!

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