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Walk Your Parish

May 26, 2011

Since starting this blog and my Forbidden Britain Website (at: I have been impressed by the local initiatives carried out by people in their own localities.

This week, I heard from Eddie Bush from Sparsholt in Hampshire, who is working hard to improve his local path network.

Please read Eddie’s piece below and do visit his website.

This is just what everybody should be doing. Eddie writes:

“Walking in far-flung places is at most an annual pleasure for most of us. Walking where we live may not be quite as exciting, particularly if we are restricted to  existing rights-of-way.

In the course of doing research for my book ‘Who owns Sparsholt – a townie’s guide to the land’ (see ‘’) I discovered numerous attractive routes for public footpaths, mainly existing farm tracks and field edges, which would considerably extend the number of possible circular walks in our parish.

Getting the parish council involved in negotiating new paths seems an obvious approach, and is indeed mentioned in the Highways Act 1980 as a possible method of creating new rights-of-way.

Since I am currently engaged in raising a local petition to this end, I would be interested to hear from  readers with experience of this approach.”

Please contact Eddie via his website, or email me at and I’ll forward them on.

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