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Coast Access For All

July 8, 2011

If you want to see gold standard coastal access then look at the South West Coast Path. A shining example of the coastal access that should be enjoyed all around the sea boundary of this nation.

Jurassic Coast West of Branscombe

Walking on one of my favourite Devon stretches, west of Branscombe, there was a good well-waymarked coastal path, routes inland on rights of way, and no feeling of being fenced-in.

The coast path brings millions of pounds into hard pressed coastal communities, provides lots of jobs, directly and indirectly, keeps shops, pubs, cafes, campsites and hotels open, and is a valuable resource for public health and enjoyment. What’s not to like?

Yet the government still seems to be holding fire on sharing this sort of coastal access with much of the rest of England.

Governing for the selfish few rather than the many.

If you can, please go and walk the stretch of coast path east and west of Branscombe (you can find routes on the walks section of my website

Branscombe is one of the most delightful villages in England, a jewel in a wonderful setting. If you would like to get the atmosphere of the place seek out W.H.Hudson’s classic book Afoot in England. It was first published a century ago but, believe me, Branscombe hasn’t changed a great deal since.

And while you do one of these Devon walks, think how you wonderful it would be if the whole of England’s coastline was as accessible. So please do support the campaigns by the Ramblers (see their website) to open up Britain’s coast. Please write a letter today to your MP (House of Commons, London SW1) asking that coastal access be implemented forthwith!

The people of an island nation should be able to access the coastline of their own country.

And if you can’t make Branscombe, then why not seek out a stretch of coast nearer to you.

Let me and the Ramblers know what you find when you get there.

If your stretch of coast is unwalkable let us have the details. Together, we can win this campaign.


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