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Norwich – A Fine City

June 6, 2012

Norwich – A Fine City

It was interesting to walk the streets of Norwich again, after a twenty year absence. Despite a lot of new shops and the massive underground shopping complex, that they were just starting to excavate when I was last there, it has not changed very much.

Norwich Cathedral

The George Borrow House

We walked up St Giles to Willow Lane to see the house where George Borrow spent his youth.  Despite some new flats and the long wall and gate that I remembered disappearing, the house was still there. It is a pity that more could not be made of it, sadder too that it can’t be bought and re-opened as the George Borrow Museum that it once was.

Then around the lovely Elm Hill and a dive into the area’s antiquarian bookshops – always a joy when visiting any town.

I should say City, not town. I remember my first day at the university asking the bus driver if he “went into town?”

He gave me a withering look, muttering in a broad Norfolk accent “ I go into the city!”

On then on through the Erpingham Gate to the cathedral, one of the best in England. Too brightly lit for visitors now perhaps. As an undergraduate, I used often to wander round in almost medieval darkness. I hope one day they might turn the lights down a bit. But that doesn’t detract from this grand building. I had forgotten how splendid the roof  bosses are in the cloisters. I cannot remember seeing a better collection.

The interior of the castle has changed a lot. We went in to see the Norwich School painters, a very impressive collection, well worth viewing if you visiting.

Norwich is too much of a city for a one-day visit, there are so many lovely corners to explore, so I hope we shall go back soon.

Roof Boss, Cloisters, Norwich Cathedral

Twenty years is too long to be away. 

Elm Hill Norwich

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  1. June 6, 2012 8:20 am

    I echo your sentiments, but have just returned to East Anglia and am looking forward to renewing my acquaintance with the city of my teenage years. I’m sorry the original Mustard Shop is no longer there …

  2. November 24, 2012 10:07 am

    Norwich in my opinion is the centre of the cultural universe

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