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Walking the Blickling Estate

June 7, 2012

Walking the Blickling Estate

On a beautiful hot day we walked the very extensive grounds of Blickling Hall, perhaps the National Trust’s flagship property in Norfolk. If you have never been I recommend this impressive mostly Jacobean house, with its lovely gardens, woods and park.

Blickling Hall

Supposedly the birthplace of Ann Boleyn, though mostly remodelled in the centuries after her death, it is hard to imagine the scale of the building unless you have been there.

There are rights of way through the grounds, including the Weavers Way, as well as a number of estate paths. It is worth spending a whole day there as there is so much to see. Inside the buildings is a touching little museum to the RAF crews stationed there during World War 2, with some really informative and moving exhibits.  There is also a National Trust second-hand and antiquarian bookshop that rivals many a professional shop.

We walked round by the lake and up a ride to the pyramidical mausoleum where the 2ndEarl of Buckinghamshire is buried with two of his wives. The mausoleum is set in beautiful woodland. When we were there the beeches had those beautiful fresh leaves of springtime and the woods were full of bluebells, both deep under the trees and along the rides. There are so many paths it was hard to decide which turning to take at the many junctions, though we must have rambled most of them.

Blickling Estate, Hall and Garden

The gardens are a good place to relax, soaking up the scents and birdsong, beautifully laid out, complementing the lines of the great house. We walked both sides of the great lake, which offers good view of Blickling Hall across the water.

I think the Blickling area offers some of the finest scenery in East Anglia, well worth lots of exploration. It would offer a good starting point for longer rambles in the surrounding countryside.


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