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A Great Destination for Ramblers

June 16, 2012

A Great Destination For Ramblers

After an extensive 12 month refurbishment, and an investment of £2 million, YHA Castleton has reopened as the flagship youth hostel of YHA. It’s in the heart of the Peak District National Park, which makes it a brilliant location for hikers and ramblers to stay and rest after a good day’s march, before heading off for another one.

As you can see from the picture, YHA Castleton is a very charming mansion, which was built during the Victorian area. It’s the flagship youth hostel of YHA, as it has great resources and provides visitors with a unique experience encompassing the hostel and the great countryside surrounding it. Ideal for walking holidays no matter in a small group, big group or family, there’s plenty of countryside to explore.

You’ve got the Celtic fortress on Mam Tor to admire for one. Mam Tor or the shivering mountain as it is referred to locally is a 1,696 foot hill which is located near the Winnats Pass, a steep and narrow gorge out of limestone. The fort on Mam Tor is said to have been built by the Celts during the Bronze Age, and is the first official sign of structural evidence in Castleton. It is generally believed that there were settlers belonging to the Bronze and Stone Age in Castleton despite the fact that they left no structures.

Winnats Pass meaning winds gate, is a fascinating gorge to explore, and gives keen photographers great opportunities, too. It was believed that the gorge had been created due to the collapse of a giant cavern, but more recent research credits its appearance to it being a former ravine between coral reefs, which explains the limestone.

Castleton also opens up the chance to explore the Dark and White Peak of the Peak District. The Dark Peak gets its name due to its underlying limestone being covered in Millstone Grit. The White Peak does not have this Millstone Grit, and you’ll find dry river valleys and caves to explore.

You can find many guided walks to join in the Peak District, but you can also venture through this great countryside alone if you like as there are many routes to follow and places to discover.

This article was written by Sarah Oxley on behalf of YHA (formerly known as the youth hostel association), who provide youth hostels all over the UK which are rambler and adventurer friendly. Sarah is a keen walker and photographer, whose favourite pastime is searching for that brilliant countryside picture.


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