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Report those path problems

July 11, 2012

Path Problems

In my recent blog on walking from Hilton, on the edge of the Pennines, I mentioned several problems of obstruction etc. with a public right of way. Walking in the same district, I have found several more and append a list below. I have, of course, sent this list to the footpaths officer of my local Ramblers group, the Open Spaces Society and, of course, the local highways authority. I await their responses.

Inspecting rights of way is something we could all do in this wet weather. A few minutes might save a path for ever. You can then send in a report to your local highways authority, copied to the Ramblers. Even in these days of dreadful budget cuts something might get done.

The best way to keep open our footpaths and bridleways is to get them walked regularly. The paths most at risk are those in the less popular walking areas, that do not feature in the guide books and are not used so much. Perhaps individuals and walking groups might create guide books to these areas, rather than writing the umpteenth guide to Lake District walks etc.

Let us all get out into the countryside this week to save a path!

Rights of Way Problems in Cumbria – Appleby in Westmorland and Hilton

Public Footpath at Hilton to Brackenber Moor: Obstructed by nettles as it leaves Hilton at NY732206. Dangerously eroded above the Hilton Beck between Hilton and Deep Gill at NY727205

Paths from Brackenber to Hilton NY728197/8 Poorly waymarked in several places.

Public Footpath south west of Dowpits Wood, Appleby, NY 677202, diagonal path across field lost and not restored causing walkers to go round the edge of the field.

Public Bridleway from Colby Lane, Appleby, to Tollbar Cottage, badly overgrown at Colby Lane end. NY682197.



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