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Autobiography of a Supertramp

July 14, 2012

W.H. Davies – Supertramp

In my blog of April 10th I talked about the psychology of walking. This quote from the poet and tramp W.H. Davies has come to mind:

The difference between a good walker and a bad one, is that one walks with the heart and the other with the feet. As long as the heart is eager and willing, the strain on the body is not very important: this means that no one should go forth as a wanderer unless he is a true lover of Nature; for it is the ever-changing scenery that keeps his heart light until the end of his day’s walk.

For those unfamiliar with his work, W.H. Davies tramped in Britain and hoboed in America and Canada. Despite the amputation of his leg, following an accident jumping a train, he could walk on his wooden leg at a steady three miles an hour for 9 or 10 hours at a stretch. He became a wonderful poet and writer. His books are worth seeking out if you are interested in the underworld of the road and tramp life.

W.H. Davies’s books: The Autobiography of a Supertramp; Later Days; A Poet’s Pilgrimage; Young Emma; The Adventures of Johnny Walker, Tramp; Poems. Etc.

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