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Return to Ben Vrackie

November 4, 2012

In my blog of February 6th 2012, I wrote of my affection for this friendly mountain high above Pitlochry. The other week I found myself on its summit again.

Ben Vrackie

We had not intended to climb the mountain, just planning a ramble to the lochan in the corrie below, before returning to the town via the Beallach of the Sermon. The weather was iffy as we set out, rain and cloud. But the temptation was there, to go a little way up the mountain track, then a little higher, and then some more. Before we knew it we were on the top.

The weather changed as we ascended. A few clouds blew past bringing sleet, with a few flakes of snow. But as we neared the summit it all cleared away, offering incredible views across the Grampians.

The sleet of the lower slopes had fallen as snow on the summit of Ben Vrackie, not much snow but a taste of the winter not far away. Some of the distant heights had had a greater fall. The day was crystal clear.

Quite a few people were on the mountain that day.

There was some woman on her mobile phone yelling that she was on the summit (well I suppose it makes a change from on the train!) There was a bloke came up the path carrying a transistor radio which was on!

I felt like pitching the pair of them down over the edge. Would that be justifiable homicide? Perhaps if judge and jury had ever climbed a mountain they would give me a reprieve?

As they cleared out we heard the true sound of these mountains – a stag bellowing by the woodlands far below.

A few hours later we sat having tea in the Festival Theatre in Pitlochry, looking up at the top of Ben Vrackie.

Looking back at a summit it is sometimes hard to imagine you were ever there…

Summit Fever on Ben Vrackie


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  1. November 4, 2012 11:33 pm

    It looks a great hill – I’ve had my eye on it for ages but not made it up there yet – must be a great view of the Beinn a’ Ghlo range from there!

    I’d have been very annoyed with the noisy folks on the summit too so I’d have said it was justifiable homicide! I was followed all the way down Whernside by a shouting Southerner the other day – he didn’t stop talking once and it was all full volume! 😦 Unfortunately, due to my lame state, I couldn’t go faster and escape like I would normally!

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