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Codnor Common Update

February 8, 2013

Since my recent blog on Codnor Common, I have received this from the local campaigners:

Besides damaging the hedgerows, trees with preservation orders upon them, public footpaths , the developer is now removing turf and topsoil from the site all under the pretext of putting up fencing

This plot where we have applied for Village Green status, by the time the Inquiry is upon us this plot of land could be stripped bare of all flora, fauna and wildlife at the rate this developer is going, if anyone knows of any governing body that can stop this wanton destruction of our Ancient Common we would be very grateful for advice.

If you can help please let me know.

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  1. February 9, 2013 10:37 pm

    Peveril in action destroying our Village Green 😥


    Shame on Peverils supporters too!

    Ancient Common being destroyed ahead of the Inquiry that could save it, at Codnor Common, this is NO longer fencing off the site, this is destroying the public footpaths, digging out ancient hedgerows with hibernating hedgehogs, damaging trees with preservation orders on them, it is pure wanton destruction of Ancient land purely for spite, avariciousness and greed

    Peveril Homes of Belper can not wait for the Inquiry in March for the Village Green application and have decided to destroy this very ancient plot of land ‘because they can!’ with scant little regard for rare plants, wildlife flora & fauna and local residents who live here and use this land

    After ripping our ancient hedgerows, they have damaged trees with preservation orders upon them, they have destroyed public footpaths and are now in the process of stripping the land of it turf and top soil, just one month before the Village Green Inquiry, they are determined destroy this land to stop us from having it


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