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More on Codnor Common

February 11, 2013
As a member of Amber Valley SOS in Derbyshire I hope that the following will be of interest to you. Here is video footage of Peveril Homes destroying what should be our village green at Codnor Common, Derbyshire.
Please feel free to display these atrocities on your excellent website.
We feel that they are
a) pre-empting clause 14 of the Growth and Infrastructure Bill
b) taking full advantage of the fact that Amber Valley Borough Council do not have an updated Local Plan.
Their actions are outrageous, given that the village green public inquiry is still 6 weeks away. By the time of this inquiry, they will have devastated the entire site!
We sincerely hope that you are able to write an article about this, as we feel sure that there are other people whose lives are being blighted by the shocking attitude of developers – overseeing bodies appear to be turning a blind-eye to what is going on.
Kind regards,
Jonathan Hunt (on behalf of Amber Valley SOS)


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  1. deniserice permalink
    February 12, 2013 10:54 am

    I’ve been watching this ,since xmas and it seems to me that someone purposely is letting this happen.. Why should they be allowed to do this. I think someone is getting a back hander from this.

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