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March 10, 2013

Money should not be able to over-ride everyone else’s rights.


As I expected, the oil-rich Gettys plan to move the old bridleway which runs past Twigside, once a modest farmhouse, now replaced by a mansion, at Ibstone in the Buckinghamshire Chilterns.  The route is already littered with CCTV and other discouraging signs (see here).

They have employed Michael Wood of ET Landnet, a self-styled ‘niche company with landowners’ interests at heart’.  Landnet specialises in helping landowners to divert routes and defeat path claims.

Mr Wood (who is not unknown in the area) appeared at the meeting of Ibstone Parish Council last week, with John Richardson, a live-in underling at Twigside, to explain the Gettys’ diversion.  Ibstone Parish Council kindly notified people who it thought would have an interest, and invited us to respond.

Any problem the Gettys have is self-inflicted.  Mr Wood gave out a paper which said that as a result of ‘considerable change’ at the property ‘the bridleway…

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