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Government sells out our National Trails

April 6, 2013

This today from the Ramblers Association:

After much delay the Government finally published the conclusions of its review into National Trails at the end of last week. Sadly, it doesn’t include any plans to introduce a national body or organisation for National Trails – something our Campaign for National Trails called on the Government to introduce.

“Clearly we’re disappointed with the outcome of the Government’s review of National Trails” said Nicky Philpott, Director of Campaigns at the Ramblers. “What we always said was a rushed and ill-thought through review has – perhaps unsurprisingly – resulted in conclusions we don’t think will be in the best interests of walkers or National Trails.”

There’ll now be no national body or organisation to really champion these unique, special paths. But the thousands of people who came together to fight for National Trails did achieve a guarantee from the Government that they’ll set up a special group to look more ambitiously and imaginatively at how we can deliver a fantastic future for National Trails.

We’ll be playing a very active part in that group. We’ll also be looking at ways our volunteers can support each trail and the teams who look after them locally. “We will continue to push for a national champion for National Trails” affirmed Nicky.

“I’d like to thank the 18,000 people who signed our petition for all the support they’ve given to our campaign so far” added Nicky. “I’d like to put them on standby for all the help we’re going to need over the coming months and years to ensure we get the best for our National Trails.”

For more information on the Government’s review read The New deal; Management of National Trails in England from April 2013 produced by Natural England.


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