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Work hard and “get on”.

May 8, 2013

Excuse me while I have a rant.

A political rant at that.

Not that my rant is party political. I’m not a member of any of them. In fact I have spent the past decades in permanent opposition to every party that has been in government.

Today I want to have a rant about the present buzz phrase “Work hard and get on”.

We hear it all the time, dripped from the lips of professional politicians who have never “worked hard” or held down a proper job in their lives. Yet still they repeat this phrase like some sort of mantra. “We are here to help people who want to work hard and get on”.

How exactly do you “get on” if you are on the minimum wage? Or most working wages in Britain come to that?

You might slave long hours every day and never do better than just about clear your bills – if you are lucky.  Then next week you have to become a good little wage slave all over again.

How is that getting on?

Let us look at the present crop of politicians. They are where they are because of privilege, inherited money, influence and the old boys’ network.

There was a time when nobody went into politics before middle age, full of life and work experience. A number of MPs knew what it was to really work, mix with people, struggle with paying bills, catch public transport, rely on the NHS and the welfare state. Look forward to their state pension.

Now they are professional (if incompetent) politicians. They have no conception as to how most people have to live. Nor the mind-numbingly boring jobs many people have to do just to pay their utility bills.

Most people who really work hard have but a few hours of freedom per day, perhaps a weekend, though that can’t be taken for granted, and a couple of weeks holiday a year. They see the state pension age roll back so that the working years become longer and longer. Little time to be themselves. Wage slaves, working hard so that the small minority at the top who employ them can become rich and “get on”.

And all the while life gets tougher. All the legislation passed to protect the majority, in more benevolent political times, is done away with. You have to work even harder just to scratch enough to pay the bills.

While an elite minority “get on” without any noticeable increase in their work ethic.

Our MPs now sit for about half the year in total. They bathe in expenses, which are never cut. Have subsidised food and drink. Free transport. Outside jobs when they are supposed to be working for us. Exceptional pensions. The life of Riley! They must think they are in clover! All this “getting on” without much in the way of hard work.

Yet they are supposed to be working for us. We pay them, so they are the servants.  Not that you would think so. They boss us about like tinpot dictators in some third-world hell-hole.

Isn’t it time they remembered that they are not the slave-masters but the servants?

And the next time you hear some politician use the revolting phrase “work-hard and you’ll get on”, tell them to get stuffed. Most people in this country work too bloody hard as it is.



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  1. May 14, 2013 10:34 pm

    You’re right of course – but I’ve always been lucky that I’ve at least enjoyed all the jobs I’ve done. I’ve also had lots of time off since I elected to get rid of the death-bringing 9-5 working and work shifts instead – much healthier, easier and more time off 🙂

    I don’t think I’d have wanted to spend my whole life not working as some choose to do nowadays but I don’t want to work until I drop like the government would like us to. I know what you mean about none of us ‘wage slaves’ ever ‘getting on’ – we all have to worry about our retirements and how we’ll cope unfortunately as we can never really accumulate any money from a normal wage.

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