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On Loch Katrine

July 28, 2013

It is decades ago since I last did the cruise on Loch Katrine, that Scottish experience that has entranced tourists from Queen Victoria onwards.Loch Katrine and Stirling 016

I was twelve years old. Memory has left me vague impressions of the experience. Time to do it again.

So we did, the other week, on the 114-year old steamship Sir Walter Scott.

A lovely settled day as we made our way out on to the loch. Ben A’an and Ben Venue, great giants, at either side of the loch as we set out.

Despite all the Trossachs tourist hype, it is worth doing the trip, not least because of the scenery and being on such an old ship.

About halfway down the loch is a terrific view of the Arrochar Alps.Loch Katrine and Stirling 012

There is something very gentle about being on the waters of lochs.Loch Katrine and Stirling 033

You can see why it remains in people’s memories over decades.

I was glad I did it again!

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