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Save Morfa Beach: the pre-Inquiry in Margam Park

August 26, 2013


Last Tuesday, I spent the morning representing Open Spaces Society at the pre-Inquiry meeting held by the Planning Inspector to ensure the smooth running of an Inquiry into three footpath orders, including closing of Longlands Lane to Morfa Beach.  Afterwards, we walked the magnificent Morfa Beach from Longlands Lane which is the only sensible access (it’s the turquoisey one on the map below).

npt proposal

The Inquiry into the Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council path orders will start on November 5th.  More information is on the PINs (Planning Inspectorate) website  – you can download the Council’s case.  The campaign Save Morfa Beach is on Facebook where there is more on the objections and history.  Open Spaces Society were early objectors and  the objectors’ case seems convincing to me, but decisions hinge on the legal arguments, not passion, and legal talk is hard to do and expensive.

So, there we…

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