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Freedom to roam: freedom to think

August 28, 2013


web plaqueA new kissing-gate at the top of the 158-metre Cobstone Hill above Turville, Bucks (grid reference SU 768 915) , welcomes walkers who want to roam freely along the ridge-top once more.  The plaque says Freedom to roam: freedom to think, in Latin to make it more intriguing.

When Cobstone Hill, in the Chilterns Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, was confirmed as access land under the Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000 in 2005 (see earlier blog), and indeed before, we have wandered freely along the summit of the hill, stepping easily over the dilapidated fences.

Last September, I saw estate workers renewing the fences on the hill with fierce and shiny barbed-wire, as well as clearing scrub and lopping branches off mature trees.

I queried this with Natural England, since the hillside is a site of special scientific interest (details here).  The reply from Peter…

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