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Back to bandit country in Bucks?

September 27, 2013

Is this the way it is going to be everywhere? A disaster for rights of way.


Thirty years ago those parts of Buckinghamshire north of the Chilterns were bandit country for walkers and riders.  Paths were blocked and overgrown, they lacking signposts and waymarks.  A country walk in Aylesbury Vale was more like an obstacle course.

But over the years the paths have improved a lot, thanks to a combination of factors.  The county councillors (whom Ramblers and others frequently lobbied) learnt that public paths matter and they respected the budget for rights of way.   There were far-sighted and enthusiastic staff employed by the county council—Tony Sketch, Alan Lambourne and Mike Walker for instance— supported by an excellent team, working as a unit.  And the Chiltern Society‘s diligent volunteer group and the parish councils (under the Parish Paths Partnership scheme) helped with path clearance and maintenance.

Bucks could be proud of the high standard of its paths and the speed with which problems were…

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