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Amber Valley and Codnor Common

September 29, 2013

I have posted blogs before on the destruction of these areas of the British countryside (see blogs passim). Here is the latest from local campaigner Sylvia Mason:

Dear all

I have contacted you all in the past with the problems our small
village is sustaining, I know that each of your groups are fighting
what the government is doing to this countries national heritage, our
natural green open spaces

We here in Amber Valley are no different from the rest of the country
in fighting to protect our greenbelt & open spaces, with maybe the
exception that our borough are planning on shoehorning the entire
boroughs emerging Core Strategy into a 3.5 mile radius of  Waingroves
Village, causing it to be merged with other towns and villages into
one massive conurbation, into a city, while the remainder of the
borough receives no housing whatsoever for the next 15 years

This is hardly sustainable or strategic as Waingroves is a small
village with one narrow road, one small local shop, one country pub,
one would be village green etc etc

The first area of this process, Codnor Common, on which we tried to
obtain Village Green status is about to become the first victim to
inappropriate development, it had outline planning passed upon it by
a government inspector to gain this
permission, the developer has, since gaining this
outline permission, last January, ripped up hedgerows in the middle
of the hibernation period, killing many of our population of
hedgehogs & rescue hedgehogs, last month came back to the land and
ripped out even more hedgerows and cut down trees, some almost 100
years old, this is all before reserve matters being passed, which are
to be heard at a planning meeting on the 15th October

I have now heard from my little group of informers that the
developer, again prior to the reserve matters being passed are
planning on coming and starting the roadworks to this proposed
development, this, I have heard will be during the next couple of weeks

Codnor Common was neither on the old Local Plan, is not on the
emerging Core Strategy, and our borough council were instructed in
2006 by the government inspector Patrick T Whitehead to protect this
land, which they failed to do, it has the ‘tag’ of Area of local
landscape significance

I would like to invite you to use our plight, to draw attention to
your own projects in a concerted effort to let this government know
that the people of this country do not want their countryside,
greenbelt land and green open spaces destroyed, not when, like, in
this borough alone, we  have over 100 hectares of brownfield sites
2,000 homes standing empty and enough ‘banked’ land to build around
2,500 homes

I would like to invite you and your relevant groups to come and make
a stand, by our side, at our site and in our planning meeting on the
15th October

I believe if we join forces we would stand a better chance of
preserving our countries heritage, I feel we only have to win one
case and the floodgates will be opened for more cases to be won

Yours Sincerely

Sylvia Mason

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