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Benyon: been there, done that

October 9, 2013

Let us hope that these new ministerial appointmant might have more nous. I haven’t seen such a sustained attack on countryside recreation and conservation by govt ministers since the bad old days of Nick Ridley.


Last Monday (7 October) I was interviewed on Radio 4 You and Yours about the  new regulations which make it even harder for people to register land as greens (listen here).

Defra was claiming that the number of village green applications is rising and holding up development.  This claim is deeply suspect: I took it apart in my blog of 2 October.

Y&Y invited Defra to take part, but it refused.  Was it because it wasn’t prepared to defend its misleading press statement last week ‘New measures to increase rural home-building’   Or was it because when Y&Y sent the invitation, Richard Benyon (parliamentary under-secretary at Defra responsible for greens) knew he was going to resign on the day of the interview?

On the programme I said that Defra’s figures for greens were suspect and that it hadn’t done a survey since September 2011.  The Y&Y

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