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Snettisham Beach and Ramblers Association inaction

November 15, 2013

Another couple of telling comments from the Norfolk village of Snettisham:

The Ramblers Association would be foolish to imagine that this issue is going to go away. The controversy will just build and build until the inquiry, eventually into the media.

I challenge Benedict, the RA’s director, to go to Snettisham and meet the people his officers dismissed as a “Vocal Minority”, in one of the most disgusting communications I have ever seen in over 40 years of dealings with the RA.

Locals write:-


I am very saddened by all this as my family have owned property at Snettisham Beach since 1956 and I have walked from one end to the other and beyond without hindrance, until recent years when Private signs have appeared and my cheery ‘hello’s’ met with scowls and unnecessary comments.

The path has been in existence very many years and been used by many.

Snettisham Beach used to be a wonderful relaxing place – a step back in time and everyone was friendly, welcoming and helpful. This dispute has caused a rift between fellow residents which may never heal and I really cannot understand why anyone would wish to stop others enjoying the area.

I agree we need the support of The Ramblers AND the Norfolk County Council and I am disgusted the situation has been allowed to develop to this extent-something is very wrong.


You have hit the nail on the head with these remarks for sure! The Local Access Forum at NCC, has Rights of Way officers on board amongst others, and have NEVER taken up any request from us at Snettisham for help with Access problems. It seems like they have been told to LEAVE it alone……….

 So come on Benedict, get up to Norfolk and see these people.

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