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Save our Ancient Woodlands

January 9, 2014

I was very pleased to see the angry reaction to Owen Paterson’s plans to savage our ancient woodlands (the small amount we have left!) 090

Environment Minister Paterson simply cannot be trusted to care for our most precious landscapes and your rights to walk across them.

His idea that it doesn’t matter if ancient woodlands are destroyed for profit as long as some new trees are planted up to an hour’s car journey away from the original location is simply absurd.

Ancient woodlands grow over hundreds and sometimes thousands of years. You cannot replicate that in five minutes.

What is shameful is the fact that ancient woodlands have no real legal protection anyway.

The proposed HS2 rail line will destroy 25+ ancient woodlands in the plans revealed so far.

Do we have to take direct action to preserve these?

Please take up this issue with MPs and candidates as the election gets nearer.

It is worth looking at the website of the Woodland Trust for further information on what you can do to protect our ancient woodlands.

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