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Writing a rambling book

January 26, 2014

Undoubtedly the highlight of the week has been the paperback publication of my book Rambling – the Beginner’s Bible, now available on Amazon at a special price of £4.85 (or around £1.88 on Kindle – please note that the two books have different covers).

Okay, shameless plug over!!!

I have wanted to write a book on rambling for some time, particularly to inspire beginners, but also one that more experienced ramblers might enjoy.

But I didn’t want to pen one of those modern techno-rambling books you see now, full of pictures of jolly young people wearing eye-dazzling waterproofs which I feel, too often, treat the countryside as nothing more than an outdoor gym.

I wanted, instead, to hark back to those lovely books published by real old trampers from the pre-war and immediate postwar days, who wrote about rambling not as if it was an end in itself but as a way to access the countryside to explore other interests. Something a bit more like literature rather than the usual “How-to” book.

So here are my chapter headings to give you some idea of what it is all about if you haven’t read it.

Chapter One – Finding Your Feet
Chapter Two – Walking Gear For The Beginner
Chapter Three – Rights Of Way And Public Access
Chapter Four – Hillwalking And The Walking Tour
Chapter Five – What To See On Walks
Chapter Six – Ramblings
Chapter Seven – Trespassing Days and Ways
Recommended Reading
Now, whether I have succeeded – and the book was written at great speed to hit the deadline – is up to the reader to decide. But if it does nothing else I hope it might send those who love walking and the countryside back to those grand old titles of years ago – and I will suggest a few in my next blog. The authors of those books deserve to be rediscovered.

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