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Exploring Norfolk: Heydon: a privately owned village

February 22, 2014

Interestingly, this was the most read blog on my site in 2013.

Over The Hills

In the 21st century, it is hard to comprehend that there are still English villages that are completely privately owned. There are about a dozen such villages in total.

Heydon, Norfolk

Heydon, in north Norfolk, is just such a village.You may well have seen Heydon even if you have never been there, for it has often been used as a location in film and television productions. Joseph Losey used it for a number of scenes in his film of L.P. Hartley‘s Norfolk novel The Go Between. It has featured in Love on a Branch Line, The Moonstone, the Woman in White, Vanity Fair andA Cock and Bull Story.

When you get there you can see why. There is no through road through the village and there has been no new building there since 1887, when a well was built to commemorate Queen Victoria’s jubilee.

The buildings…

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