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Parking and access at New Waste Dartmoor

April 27, 2014

This from the Dartmoor National Park Authority. This is a very disturbing restriction on one of the major access points to southern Dartmoor. I first walked from there over 40 years ago. It is to be hoped that the park authority will sort this out before the restriction begins.



Grid Reference SX 6252 6116

Briefing Note – 22 April 2014

In 1999, the Authority entered into an access agreement at New Waste, Cornwood for carparking and access on foot/horseback to enable access onto common land at Stalldown

Barrow. The land at New Waste was subsequently mapped as open country under the

CROW Act 2000 and the Access Agreement was amended to provide permissive access

for parking and horse riding (reflecting the change in the new right of access).

The land at New Waste has since changed hands and the new owner has given notice to

the Authority to terminate the Agreement on 24 June 2014. Despite discussions with the

landowner’s agent, it appears that the new owner is not persuaded to maintain permissive

access for parking etc.

This means that the public will no longer be able to park cars or ride horses through

the land at New Waste from late June. Access will still be available on foot under

CROW access rights.

Andrea Roberts is the sector ranger and has posted notices on site to inform the public

that the Agreement will be ending in June.

The decision to terminate the Agreement is legitimately one for a private landowner to

make, however we have left the door open and we are continuing discussions with the

land agent in the hope that access can be secured in the future.

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