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Sallows and the Garburn Pass

June 5, 2014

The day was not promising as we headed down the M6. Rain lashed us and mist lay across to the Howgill Fells.Sallows 005

But by the time we got round to Church Bridge at Troutbeck we were in another world. A dry day with clearing views and increasing sunshine.Sallows 007

The last time I went up this side of the Garburn Pass, that ancient track to Kentmere, was in the heatwave of July 06. So hot I was pouring water over my head as well as drinking it.

But how lovely the valley of the Trout Beck looked, so very green, as we ascended the track, a good steady climb where you make more height than you think you are doing. Alongside the track were the last of the Sallows 011bluebells and Welsh poppies.

Turning up from the head of the pass at Garburn Nook it is an easy couple of hundred feet to the top of Sallows.

A Wainwright, if you collect them, but in the days when AW wrote his Far Eastern Fells guidebook, this was technically land where he was trespassing.

Mind you, everyone did!

And now, thanks to the CRoW Act, it is all access land.

The skylarks, singing madly, soared into the air as we headed uphill.

Not the grandest summit in Lakeland, but a terrific view over Windermere, much of the Kentmere Horseshoe, the valley of the Kent and across to Stony Cove Pike and Red Screes.

A modest walk but a ramble of considerable views.




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  1. June 6, 2014 12:10 am

    Didn’t realise it was once a trespass. I did it from that side originally (actually from the Dubbs Track which joins the Garburn – a nice approach with a lovely reservoir). Me and Richard did it just the other week during our Kentmere stay from that side – it made a nice change and we had a nice day on Sallows and Sour Howes.

  2. June 6, 2014 6:39 am

    Yes, until the CRoW Act came along giving access you could only access Sour Howes from the top. Now there are step stiles a little way up the Garburn Pass from Troutbeck.

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