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Walking to Loch Muick

July 15, 2014

Scotland 2014 128The clouds were still sitting over the top of dark Lochnagar and its attendant summits as we set out from the Spittal of Glenmuick to do the circuit of Loch Muick (pronounced Mick!).

We walked the good broad track on the northern shores of the loch, Scotland 2014 137leading to the solitary house of Glas-Allt-Shiel – a modest property built for Queen Victoria when she was staying at nearby Balmoral, so that she might mourn in solitude for the deceased Prince Albert. Though she seems to have made an exception and allowed the company of John Brown from time to time.

The house is half-hidden amidst a fine stand of pines, which conceal it from every direction apart from the loch. There is no electricity on the property, though the present Windsor family Glas-allt-Shielstill come up here for picnics during their stay at Balmoral – I understand that walkers are asked to go round the back if they are there.

We rested on the bench nearby, watching the antics of the Common Gulls who were nesting on the tiny island nearby.Scotland 2014 161

Walking around the head of the loch and crossing the Allt-an-Dubh-loch river, which comes down from the Dubh Loch – an extension to this walk if you want one.

The path on Loch Muick’s southern Scotland 2014 162shores is higher and much narrower, with fine views across the water and into the surrounding hills, its route lined with beech trees and rowan. A few meadow pipits and a yellowhammer about.

Just where a fine waterfall takes the Black Burn into the loch, there were at least fifty Canada Geese sheltering on the lochside sands.Scotland 2014 163

An easy walk into the wilder fringes of the hills.

(c) John Bainbridge 2014

(c) John Bainbridge 2014

Scotland 2014 176




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  1. July 16, 2014 11:02 pm

    Richard had a nice stroll around there while I did Lochnagar and all the related ‘tops’ a couple of years ago. I love that area. I did go around the back of Glas Allt Shiel House – I chained my bike up to one of their back drainpipes – I’m sure the Queen wouldn’t mind! 😉

  2. July 21, 2014 6:49 am

    She might have even borrowed it!

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