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Robin Hood

April 26, 2015

My new historical novel “Loxley – The Chronicles of Robin Hood” is out today in paperback and eBook.

Do click on the link at the bottom of this post and take a look.

A hooded man has come to the forest.
Sherwood Forest.

Come to fight for the poor and desperate. Come to fight for freedom against the overlords imposing tyranny on those who can’t fight back.

Robin of Loxley has already been proclaimed an outlaw and rebel in Richard the Lionheart’s England.

Embittered after a failed rebellion, armed with a longbow and a sword, Robin faces his greatest challenge – defeating the despotic Sheriff of Nottingham, the deadly Sir Guy of Gisborne and the cruel Master of Newark Castle Sir Brian du Bois.

Proclaimed wolfshead in Sherwood, Robin of Loxley becomes Robin Hood.

Sherwood Forest his only refuge.

In the struggle against injustice Robin Hood fights alongside the other wolfsheads of Sherwood – Will Scarlet, Little John, Much and a renegade monk called Tuck. And a mysterious archer who kills tyrants in the greenwood.

Their deeds will become legendary.

Loxley – complete in itself – is the first in a four-part sequence The Chronicles of Robin Hood.

There is also an historical note by the author on the origins of the Robin Hood legend.

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