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David Sharp, father of the Thames

May 13, 2015


David Sharp—designer, illustrator, writer, campaigner, organiser, walker, vice-president of the Ramblers and much else—has died aged 89.  He was a great man in many respects—and all the greater for his self-effacing modesty. 

His work was the public face of the Ramblers through the 1960s to 1980s.  Chris Hall, who was secretary of the Ramblers from 1969-74, wrote in Making Tracks, published for the Ramblers fiftieth jubilee in 1985: ‘A professional designer and artist David has done more than any single person to give the RA a crisp public visual image over the years.’

RA logoDavid produced countless logos and leaflets—the Ramblers’ trademark rucksack logo, the series of policy documents Briefs for the Countryside, the logo for national footpaths week, the leaflet for national parks day 1972.  He designed and wrote much of South Eastern Rambler and its successor South East Walker, packed with regional news and very popular…

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