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Please switch to the new blog

May 24, 2015

I hope if you’ve followed my blogs so far that you’ll switch to my new one as below. Over the Hills won’t be updated from now on but will continue only as an archive.

I really enjoy hearing your comments so please do click Follow on the new blog and come along for the walk.

Freedom to Roam is the new blog of the writer and access campaigner John Bainbridge.

The address to find us is

If you’ve been following my old blog Over the Hills (at you’ll know what to expect.

Lots of content about country walking, hill-tramping and stravaiging.

Plus news and views on threats to the countryside.

Given the threats to countryside protection legislation and new challenges to YOUR right to walk in our countryside, I feel we need to up the campaigning game.

So this site will also be calling for the Right to Roam across much of Britain.

And we’ll be nudging access and conservation organisations to do more active campaigning.

My views on this are set out in full in my book “The Compleat Trespasser”. See the page link above for further information on how to order a copy.

If you want to see my Over the Hills blog for lots of ideas on walking it will be staying in existence as an archive blog.

So if you love to walk in Britain, please click Follow and come along for the walk!

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