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Flawed at Fawley

July 26, 2015


On Thursday 2 July I decided to take a stroll on the Buckinghamshire side of the River Thames on Fawley footpath 12.  It runs from Henley along the west bank of the river, across a stream on a footbridge, and a meadow with a fine view of the magnificent seventeenth-century Fawley Court (which, with its 27 acres of grounds, is valued at £22 million).  It then enters Temple Island Meadow site of special scientific interest and joins the A4155 Marlow road.

Fawley Court from the footpath Fawley Court from the footpath

Henley regatta was in full flow.  When I reached the meadow after the footbridge I found a sign, ‘Private property, no trespassers’, and a blue rope funnelling walkers around the edge of the field.

Photo 1, misleading sign

Naturally I kept walking on the definitive path straight across the meadow, and was accosted by two security men from Dynamic Protection who claimed that I was trespassing and that…

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