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Footloose with George Borrow

Footloose with George Borrow

August 23, 2013

My new short book of essays Footloose with George Borrow, now available on Amazon Kindle for around £1.34.


 George Borrow, nineteenth century author of Lavengro, Romany Rye and Wild Wales, is one of the Victorian period’s most neglected authors.

Yet he was one of the best-selling authors of his day, his books alive with travel, adventure, the lonely roads of pre-industrial England, and encounters with Gypsies and vagabonds in the age of stagecoaches and horse-fairs.

In this short book of essays John Bainbridge introduces George Borrow to a new audience, looks at his roving background and relates Borrow’s expeditions in Cornwall and Scotland and his youthful days in Norfolk.

George Borrow, eccentric and footloose wanderer, recorded a side of nineteenth-century life neglected by many writers of the period.

Whether or not you are familiar with George Borrow and his writings, this book gives some pointers on where to start.

John Bainbridge is also the author of Rambling – The Beginner’s Bible and The Compleat Trespasser, both now available on Amazon Kindle.

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